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Attorney-at-Law & Business Analyst On Expressing Yourself Through Watches | Part 1

One of the most important accessories to consider when expressing yourself in a fashionable way can be your friend who tells you the time – your wristwatch! Since I befriended Manendra back in 2007 we noticed that why we clicked so well was that we had a common interest in most things. To say the least, we were mad over watches!

Our taste has matured over time and seek more than “Just a watch” to wear. While most people just look for “anything that tells you the time”, we take it to the next level; what we both are looking for is a masterpiece that speaks to us from the design, colour, and detail of the dial to the material used on the strap and the origins of the watchmaker. This process is more like buying a car for some (not how much money you spend, but how much time you spend researching)

Individuality Matters!

When we choose a watch we choose it based on a few characteristics that speak to us. Individuality is important. For example, my friend likes a thick ring around the dial of the watch, while I like it a little leaner. There are times when his favourite watches don’t “speak” to me and vice versa.

It’s an Investment

Buying a good watch does not mean you have to spend a large sum of money on a watch. Remember, All that glitters is not gold! That said, first, you need to decide on a budget and ideally try and upgrade your watch (in terms of brand and value) as you move up the corporate ladder or gain higher levels of sustainable income. This will give you a slight sense of reward for your accomplishments in life. Watches are great products to be passed down generations as well. I recently restored a watch given to my father, by my grandfather!

I Still wear a Titan I bought from Wimaladarma & Sons back in 2018 within the budget I just mentioned. I still remember that day. I was frustrated that I could not find the right design that “spoke” to me and all of a sudden the agent showed me this watch and I was like, “Woah, I am buying that!”. So make sure that you like what you buy and that you will continue to use it for at least 3-5 years.

Stick To A Budget 

For example, if you are starting out, you will be able to find a decent watch from a reputed brand for around Rs.15,000 to Rs. 25,000. Brands like Casio, Titan, Citizen, Fossil usually fall into this range. However, these brands also offer more high-end models at a higher price range. 👌🏻 

A good rule of thumb is to stick to one watch (or watches if you have many) for at least 3-5 years before you invest in another.

Complement Your Accomplishments By Upgrading

The next Slab could be Rs.25,000 -75,000 which can get you a marvelous Seiko (Japanese) or a Swiss Military watch. These brands have ultra-durable masterpieces with an array of stylish designs to choose from. My next target is a Seiko!

Tissot is another world-renowned Swiss watchmaker that has an array of sporty as well as refined watch designs that can steal your heart. These watches usually fall into the Rs. 75,000-125,000 slab

Longines, Tag Heuer, Rolex, IWC are some brands you could opt for if you have some extra money lying around or when you have reached a point in life where you can really afford something in the range of hundreds of thousands to Millions (haha)

After falling in love with this Longines (opposite), Manendra saved up over a few months to finally add this to his collection of Masterpieces!

Express Your Confidence When Shopping

For example, knowing the difference between Automatic and Quartz movements.This is a simple distinction but knowing this can garner you more respect when you display your knowledge when you go shopping for watches.

Manendra's Watch Collection
Automatic watches use the motion of the wearer to power the watch, while quartz relies on battery power. An easy way to distinguish between these two types is to notice the movement of the "seconds hand" on the watch. if its a "tick-tock" movement - that's a Quartz and if its a smooth movement-it's an Automatic!

Important - Automatic watches are more expensive than their quartz version due to the characteristics mentioned above.

Now that you are equipped with the basics, I guess you are ready for more! Do share this post and let us know how soon you want Part 2 of this article with more tips and tricks and possibly things you never knew before!

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