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Expressing yourself through Watches | Part 2 | Insights from Watch Enthusiasts

Now, since I promised you a part 2 way more interesting than part 1. I got an additional contributor to this article- Geshan Wimaladharma. He is attached to one of the leading watch stores in Srilanka; Wimaladarma & Sons.The interesting part about this is that I got to know him due to my weekly visits to one of the stores so I could enjoy glancing through new arrivals. I have bought multiple watches from this store and restored my late grandfather’s watch too. 

Here are more insights especially for you!

Impress yourself

An interesting insight Geshan shared with me was that he’d select a watch not by looking at the brand, but by how unique it is in its styling. Now for those of you who think, “bigger the brand, the better it is”, if you personally don’t like how the watch looks or the general designs offered by the brand you deem “the best”, then we suggest that it is not the watch you should buy.

Remember that you need to feel satisfied with your purchase. The goal is to impress yourself and not others. Once you get into this mindset you will be positioned to make a rational choice within your budget which will ultimately make YOU happier in the long run

You may click the link to see the specs, HD zoomed-in images, and pricing of the timepieces seen below๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š



Complementing your personality

Another insight is that, you should focus on obtaining the most functional watch (s) considering your profession and other interests. For example, you may be an outdoor person engaging in a lot of physically challenging activities, or you may spend most of your time in the boardroom or both or any other combination of activities! So it is important to select a masterpiece that suits your activities. You really don’t want to wear a luxury designer watch when you go hiking right? It would be a safer bet to use a sports watch with a rubber strap and a timer (even a basic digital watch). If you’re running also you might want to consider a watch that is functional and helps synch your health-related data to an external app to make the most of your investment and efforts!

You can opt for a more refined-looking executive-type watch for formal occasions or even work that takes place in an office setting. By now I am sure you get what we are trying to say. So you might want to consider investing in one watch that fits all your activities or one for outdoor activities and one for formal occasions and office.


Stay within budget

Don't spend more than what you can afford. We covered this in the first article (link is right on top). 

Do your own research

Always take time to gather more information about a watch you are interested in.

Purchasing a watch, as highlighted in our first article is an investment, and therefore it is always good to read articles, watch reviews and do some research on a particular brand and model to understand its heritage before deciding on a purchase.



These articles by leading men's magazines may give you an idea about what watches are in demand in 2020;
The 52 Best Watches A Man Can Buy In 2020  
The GQ Watch Guide 2020,.


this article by Oprah Magazine may be of help in deciding what is in trend;
25 Best Watches For Women at Every Price

Expert Advice

Always consult an expert such as Geshan to help you find the one watch (or more) that suits you. You will be able to find an excellent selection of watches at various price points on the Wimaladhrama and Sons website. Below is a link to a list of watches that I think is of great value and a great purchase at its price point. 

CITIZEN NH8350-83l

This article has been compiled with the help of Geshan Wimaladharma and Manendra Madena who are avid watch enthusiasts and have been so for decades now. So all these insights are genuine and well thought out to help you make the best decision!

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Link to Part 1 - Expressing Yourself Through Watches | Part 1

Mahen Brendon Makalande, Geshan Wimaladharma & Manendra Madena

Sri Lanka



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